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Pentagon officials were on October 2019, alerted on a breach that had affected its employees. The unauthorized hackers had successfully gained entry to personal information and even credit card numbers. This particular data was accessed through a system that maintained travel records, which was fully operated by another unnamed third party. However, the Pentagon spokesperson came to the rescue and stated that only a small percentage of the total population of the wider employees were impacted. The exact number of the affected is yet to be determined, as an anonymous source mentioned that the investigation was ongoing and that the figure could increase drastically.
While it is not known when the breach took place, it has been speculated that it could have been carried out way earlier only the intrusion went undetected. As a result, the department has not been in a position to name the affected vendor, as investigations are still ongoing, as stated by Lt. Buccino who promised that he had taken the recommended steps to have the vendor cease its performance under its contracts.