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Compromised voter’s data generally comprises of two possible sources, the official voter registers and the voter file. Official voter registers includes a combination of voter name, date of birth and current residence, which in most cases can either be self-reported or updated automatically by the government. Voter files on the other hand is created by political parties solely for campaigning purposes. It mainly consists of basic contact details such as census or voter registration, which can be enhanced by third-party assets.
In March of 2017 for instance, two laptops which belonged to the Hong Kong’s registration and Electoral Office were stolen during the Asia World Expo which was held in Hong Kong. The laptop contained all the information about the 3.78 million registered voters, which included their names, addresses, ID card numbers and mobile phone numbers. Although detectives were fast enough to conduct a thorough investigation, they did not rule out the possibility that it could have been an inside job.