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In December of 2020, the sunburst hack occurred against the U.S. government agencies and corporations, of which it was believed the Russians were fully responsible. The attack occurred by the means through which SolarWinds software was updated and hence affecting 18,000 unsuspecting government workers. This hack was successfully carried out when a tiny piece of secret code was entered into the company’s subsequent software update. Within a period of weeks, the powerful digital helper sprang to life inside thousands of computers after being dormant for a while.
The hackers eventually gained access by means of distributing malware into software updates of SolarWind’s Orion software, which is greatly used to manage a vast number of organizational networks. It relied on the trusted relationship between SolarWinds and the targeted organizations. When users of Orion updated their systems in 2020, they invited the Trojan virus horse into their networks causing the extensive damage.