Cyber Security Posture Assessments

What is your overall posture from a cybersecurity perspective?  Do you have organisational, technical, policy, structural gaps which could undermine the security of business?

Give your revenue, current business operation, aspirations and strategic intents; do you have the appropriate security posture to operate your business safely today?  Will the same structure serve your business tomorrow?

Using our mature and tested methodology, we will assist you in answering these challenging questions.  More important we will show you how to meet current and future cyber security challenges.

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Our Cyber Security Posture Assessments are FREE to qualifying companies.   Call u to see if you qualify

Our professionals have qualifications in CISSP, CISA, PCI/QSA and CIPP/E

The World’s First Converged Security Platform
Best of Breed security applications, ONE fully managed appliance.

Successful cyber attacks are increasingly showing up in headlines, leaving a wake of financial loss, data loss, negative brand impact and organizational disruption. As a result, industry regulations continue to develop and enforce standards that must best be adhered to.

To meet those demands while moving at the speed of business, a security solution needs to be quick to deploy, afford­able, effective and functional. offers “The SOC In A Box” that provides an AI Driven Breach detection, vulnerability scanning monitored 24x7x365 by a Top 100 Global MSSP

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What is penetration testing and why should you even bother to test your systems? Let’s be blunt. If you have an external facing service, i.e., one that can be access from the internet, then you really have to find the weakness in your security before the hacker does. The purpose of penetration testing is to find weaknesses in your security before that weakness could be exploited by an hacker.

What could happen? They could steal your customer data, they could amend you sales price if you’re running an e-commerce site or steal the card details of your customers. They could even disrupt your services by shutting down your site.

What differentiates our penetration testing services? We have a team of remote testers that are distributed around the world who are professionals and trained to carry out controlled but realistic tests using our methodology.

You don’t have to be a techie to understand our penetration testing reports. The reports are target to manager and decision makers.

If you are not sure if penetration testing is suitable for your company, call us to discuss and we would be happy to guide you. This is free and you are not under any obligations to use us as your pen tester.

Our penetration tester have OSCP and CEH qualifications.

Using CIS world class tools we will benchmark your technical infrastructure against the practice of world class companies. This is the minimum you have to do to be secure and protect your business and the assets of your company.

Our reports are designed to facilitate action and measurable progress in protecting your business and the assets of your company.

Our team have CISSP, CISA and CISM qualifications


Many small to medium sized companies do not engage in the proper management of known computer vulnerabilities. What are the benefits of managing vulnerabilities?

The exploitation of vulnerability could easily take your business offline for days if not weeks.

There will always be vulnerabilities in any computer operation. The challenge is all about out you manage these vulnerabilities.

We have a team of security professional who will manage vulnerabilities in your systems and networks so that you can focus on the important part of running and growing your business. Our team will advise you when and how a particular vulnerability should be fixed without impact the operation of your business. We undertake to fix and controls vulnerabilities on your behalf.

Our vulnerability managers are qualified CISSP, CISA, and OSCP and CEH

Our professionally trained project managers are also trained in cyber security and privacy.  What is does this mean to your company?

Security projects can be delivered quickly without undue delays and instead of hiring a project manager and a cyber security specialist; you have both skills in the same individual.

Our project managers are qualified in Prince 2 and CISSP and CISA

Many companies do not have a requirement for a fulltime CISO.   How can you meet the requirements for a CISO without hiring a fulltime CISO?

Our virtual CISO offering is the answers.  The benefits are clear, you get CISO on demand and you only pay for what you consume.  We have experienced CISO who will help you to navigate the strategic and complex issues of cyber security.

We will development annual plans and programmes which protect your business, customers and other assets.

Not all companies will require or need to have a fulltime Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Our virtual DPO is specifically designed to meet this need.   We will provide you the right level of DPO support to meet the needs of your business.

Bearing in mind that failure t comply with the requirements of the privacy regulations could result in fines up to 4%  of your turnover, through our Virtual DPO service will assist companies in the management of that risk.

Our Virtual DPOs are qualified CIPM, CIPP/E and CD…